Kelloggs Corn Flakes, 475 g

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Kelloggs Corn Flakes cereal is a nourishing and wholesome breakfast. It is prepared from actual natural corn, with iron and 8 essential Vitamins containing A, C and B-Group Vitamins, it provides the balanced combination of nourishment and original corn flavour. It is a convenient breakfast option that gives energy even after 3 Hours. Every bite of these crispy, golden flakes is just as delicious as the first. You will be on your way to a great day when you pour Kelloggs Corn Flakes cereal into your breakfast bowl. Grab a pack and kick-start your day with good health and great taste. A quick and convenient breakfast in just 2-3 minutes.

It is made up of Milled Corn, Sugar, Malt Flavoring, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Iron, Niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbate and Vitamins.
How to Use

Add a cup of hot or cold milk to your daily bowl of cornflakes and top it up with nuts, fruits and savour its rich taste.

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